It’s a sad day in the culinary world. When I heard the news at 7 am this morning, I couldn’t believe it. I never met him, but I was am deeply saddened by the news. He wasn’t just some celebrity chef, traveling around the world and showing you what to eat. He taught everyone around him about different cultures, making new paths for yourself, to keep moving and not stopping.

I remember countless hours sitting at home watching and learning about his travels throughout my college days and after. Even if I wasn’t watching, listening to him narrate his stories in the background while I worked was very comforting and relaxing. His voice was like the Morgan Freeman of the culinary world. He inspired me to want to travel more and learn about different cultures. He taught me so many great things in his stories of meeting people in different countries of travel. He was a supportive husband to his wife and advocate for women’s rights. He was a hero to many, including myself. I especially enjoyed his stories from Vietnam, as I learned a lot of things about my own culture that I never knew.

It’s amazing to see how many lives he touched as my news feed filled up with words of sadness, remembrance, and inspiration all over the social media sites this morning. We all were connected through him…grieving, sharing, and reminiscing about how he had inspired us all.

May he now find peace.