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Burger picture made of yarn, done in 3rd grade

I admit, I have a food obsession. I have sneakers that say “Hungry Viki” on them. I don’t know how long I’ve been documenting food, but it goes back to 3rd grade when I made my first yarn picture of a “Hamberger” when the art teacher instructed us to sew a picture of something we like out of different colored yarn.

Throughout high school and college, I had fond memories of taking mini road trips with friends just to try out some new restaurant that we haven’t been to, or to revisit places we loved. It wasn’t just about the food, it was the whole experience and enjoying it with all the people that mattered to me. Sometimes we’d get together and try out new recipes in the kitchen.

Golden Mall, Flushing NYC

My other passions are graphic design and photography. I can sit at my computer all day building websites and be perfectly happy. Ever since I got my first digital camera, not having to worry about wasting film, I began documenting every little thing, especially food I ate. With that in combination with my love of making websites, I started Hungryviki.com around 2005. It started out as just a fun site where I would blog about my everyday random happenings, art, music, food discoveries,…That site had been through many different makeovers, while I learned new things about web design, mostly self-taught. Life got busy after college and my website projects, including HungryViki.com were put on hold for a while. Now, in 2018,¬† I’m happy to revisit HungryViki.com and bring it back to life once again.

I have lived in Philadelphia for almost 8 years, visited  Vietnam 6 times, and live(d) in the DC Metro area for 26 years and counting. My stories will revolve around those three places the most, along with everything else in between. I hope you will enjoy all my posts about past and current food experiences, experiments, and favorite recipes.