…And happy Friday the 13th! For national French fry day, we (hubby, baby, and I) drove around to pick up fries from some of our favorite fast food restaurants. I need to add that I found out something that made me very sad. Just so deeply sad. I drove away from the restaurant in shock from all the sadness I felt when I found out one of my favorite places for fries (and fish) changed their recipe.  Their fries, once made with a light coating of their delicious, special batter…are now plain, thick-cut fries that tastes bland. I used to be able to eat their fries cold and it was still amazing. Now, it’s just cold and sad. Captain D’s!!!! WHY!!!!?!?!  HOW COULD YOU?????

Anyways, that was enough of that little rant. I’m still trying to recover. After munching on half the fries on the ride home, we decided to do some fry-dressing with the ones we had leftover . We got fries from Popeye’s, Checker’s, Arby’s, and Captain D’s. Aside from potato fries, we couldn’t help picking up an order of the funnel cake fries from Checker’s. It was so good, wish we had ordered 2.

For my fry-dressing, since I was kinda fried-out and dried-out from the fries I already ate on the way home, I wanted something refreshing. I made banh-mi fries with ingredients I already had in the fridge. Pickled daikon and carrots, chopped cha lua and thit nguoi (Vietnamese cold cuts), chopped cilantro, cucumbers, and drizzled with garlic mayo.

Banh Mi Fries

Chili Cheese Fries


Colin loves chili and cheese, so that’s what he had on his fries. Both were good. Colin decided that day that he likes Checker’s and Popeye’s fries better than his original favorite, Arby’s curly fries.

TIP FOR REHEATING FRIES: toss it in a light coating of oil (light  seasoning optional, if the fries are pretty plain), and reheat in oven or pan until slightly crispy, usually about 5-10 minutes on a stovetop and 10-15 @ 275 degrees in the oven.

I played with the fries a little before I dressed them, in the video below. Enjoy and happy Fryday the 13th!