It finally stopped raining today, giving just enough sun to go out and celebrate the first day of summer. I knew I wanted to celebrate by going to Ocha Thai Kitchen and Cafe. Their drinks, to me, is the epitome of the perfect summer drink. Durian sticky rice smoothie, Virgin Lychee Mojito, and Matcha Green Tea Float …that’s just to give you an idea of what kind of unique and delicious drinks they have on their menu. Even if you don’t like Thai food, come here for the drinks! Their specialty drinks are separated into three categories: dessert (which are more on the sweeter, filling side, and comes with sticky rice at the bottom), refreshing (fresh fruit and iced fizz), and blended (smoothies and slushies).

Anyways, enough with the babbling…here are photos of the wonderful things we ordered from Ocha Thai.

Papaya Salad (I can’t get enough of this!)

Tofu Pad Thai and Sweet and Sour Chicken

Virgin Lychee Mojito

“Butterfly Effect” Citrus slushie with butterfly-pea flower extract.

I know there’s much more to Thai food than pad thai, but that has always been one of my favorite Thai dishes. I usually judge a Thai restaurant by how good their pad thai is..and Ocha Thai’s gets 10/10. It has a great, slightly smokey flavor, noodle was al dente, and the sauce was on point. Their papaya salad was a good portion and did not disappoint. We ordered our yummy drinks at the end, which tied everything together nicely for a wonderful dining experience atop their friendly service.